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It covers all the aspects of buying real estate France

How can our France Property Guide help you?

The most complete guide about buying property in France

"This is without doubt the bible of buying a property in France. The presentation is excellent, it's informative and above all it's honest. I have bought properties
previously, but not in France, which I am now planning, and without this property Guide, in English, I would be at a complete loss.
It's very professionally put together is such a way, that every person wanting to purchase, or thinking about buying a  property in France, should have one."

- to get the overview about France and understand what it is to live in this country

- to be informed about property prices in France and their likely trends

to get a sense whether it is a good time to buy property in France

- to know all the details of the purchase process - and some are very obscure!

- to be ready for all the paper work (France has lots of paperwork)

- and finally to buy your dream house in France!

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